SAP Calculations: Building regulations Part L (Conservation of Fuel & Power)

From April 2006 all new-build residential properties and extensions (including most conservatories) need a SAP Rating based on the energy costs for space and water heating. Part L1A is for assessing new dwellings and part L1B is for existing dwellings. Extensions (including many conservatories) to existing dwellings require a SAP calculation for the existing building and another for the new extension. SAP ratings range from 1 to 100 and the higher the SAP score, the more energy efficient the property. The submission is in two parts; at design stage and as built.

Design Stage

From your drawings and specifications we will produce a calculation of the CO2 emissions of the building, which you then will need to submit with your Building Control Application. We will let you know exactly what you need to provide for us to produce the report. The report will show whether the design has passed or failed. Design changes will be needed where the original specification does not meet the required standards.

Post-construction Stage

All buildings are subject to inspection including air tightness testing to show that the assumptions used in the design stage energy calculations have been achieved.

SAP/SBEM Submissions

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